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• 9/28/2016

New Notice Boxes

Thanks to the POTC Wiki, and some major adjustments to the boxes, we now have our first set of templates.

AVerySadTreasureChest This article does not have much content.

It is recommended to add more content or to expound on the topic further so the reader can clarify missing details. If the article does not have much content to add, please disregard this notice until there is more detail to expound on. Please ask a Staff Member to assist in discovering more detail.

ADeadDeadFishyFisho This article content has been removed or decommissioned.

The content of this article has been removed or decommissioned from the game and is no longer available to players. The content is here for historical purposes only and will remain as such until established back into the game.

HeyLookItsWeirdPhill This article contains theories/speculation.

This article has theories and speculation and therefore shouldn't be taken to be factual. Although some Content may have confirmed information, not all of it is, and should be taken into notice. If you have a question, please ask one of our Wiki Staff.

BibblyDooblyBob This article content is a confirmed coming soon feature.

The content of this article is a confirmed upcoming feature of Fishing Tycoon Unbound. It should also be noted that information in this article should not all be accurate, however we understand enough to put it up for display. Thanks to having contact with Game Development, we can safely assure you that this will be added into the game. If you have a question, please contact a Wiki Staff or Game Developer.

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• 9/28/2016
''The images are smaller on the Forums than on articles. ''
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