Content Guidelines is the applied principles for creating or editing pages or Wiki Content. These guidelines especially apply to Moderators/Admins as they carry higher responsibility.

If you mess up on an article, that's okay! If you see it, please be sure to correct it, even if it's a grammar or vocabulary mistake.

  • Please be sure to add proper grammar and punctuation when editing a paragraph of the sentence structure.
  • Do not contradict previous statements made in the same article, as this will confuse the reader. Rather, expound on the topic and be sure to read the article prior to editing.
  • Don't rename articles without asking Staff.
  • Don't embolden text unless it's a notice, warning, or important information.
  • When adding Images/Videos, be sure to align the image or outline properly so it doesn't split paragraphs unintentionally.
  • Categorize the article based on the factual or non-factual evidence, and don't add random categories.

The following are strict rules:

  • Do not add vulgar or profane content to the article, as this is considered vandalism and will result in the editor being punished.
  • Do not delete information of the article unless it's been removed from the game.

These guidelines are made to improve our Wiki. Although not every person can abide by the set guidelines, it's recommended for the experienced to fix those who messed up on an article.

Once again, thanks for assisting our Wiki.