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The content of this article is a confirmed upcoming feature of Fishing Tycoon Unbound. It should also be noted that information in this article should not all be accurate, however we understand enough to put it up for display. Thanks to having contact with Game Development, we can safely assure you that this will be added into the game. If you have a question, please contact a Wiki Staff or Game Developer.

Grassland Archipelago is the expected spawn area, or possibly the Main Biome for Fishing Tycoon Unbound. It may be the hub island consisting of shops and minor areas. This area is confirmed to be in the game and is undergoing development.

As to the outskirts of the island, it remains in question as to if this will connect to other islands, or if you will have to travel by sea.

The island also has a small inlet in which boats possibly may go, as well as two docks, presumably for spawning boats.