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Disobedience of the rules can, and most likely will, result in a kick or a ban.

  • No Excessive Swearing (F-Bombs, Deliberate Crudity)
  • No Bullying (Harassing, Very Rude Insults)
  • No Heavy Arguing about pointless matters
  • No Spamming/Flooding Chat (GIF's, Photos, Videos, Emotes, etc.)
  • No Vulgar/Profane Images/Videos
  • Do Not Repeatedly Request User Roles
  • No Dating
  • No Drug References

Accordingly, the staff of the Wiki should not:

  • Abuse Kicking/Banning; do not ban players without a reason or factual evidence, unless you are required to test.
  • Break any chat rules above

If you see anyone breaking the rules please contact the Wiki Staff.

Please remember to follow these rules so we can have a nice community and chat area to discuss the game. Thank you.